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The grapes are grown on our unique, north facing 15 acre vineyard west of Mount Barker which has been converted to biodynamics since 2007. The first Freehand wines were produced in 2010. Since then Freehand has continued to develop its range to include barrel aged reds, interesting, fruit driven, skin contact whites, four styles of Pet Nat (naturally sparkling wine) and three, ports, a white, Ruby & vintage port. Reverting back to a ‘european’ style of winemaking means using traditional winemaking techniques combined with new age scientific knowledge.
These are natural wines as they are have nothing added or manipulated during the winemaking process including no filtration & fining. Instead of rushing a wine to market with chemical additives we allow the natural processes to take place over time. 
The cellar door for these unique wines is located in Denmark town centre. Experience quality natural wines paired with delicious artisan cheese platters, cow’s milk & vegan cheese boards. Enjoy regular live music from local talents weekly on the Freehand stage. Dripping with art from several different artists. Learn, explore & gain knowledge about natural wines, organic, biodynamics & much more. 
You won’t be disappointed!
Keep up with Freehand’s regular, exciting events by coming by the cellar door, following our Facebook page or check out the website.





1/69 Strickland Street, Denmark WA 6333
 0410 161 221

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