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Meleah moved to the Great Southern region almost 5 years ago and is enjoying a new world of inspiration for her photography. She enjoys experimenting using unconventional photographic techniques, shooting on film and playing with alternative printing processes.

Excited about what this region has to artistically offer, Meleah has been involved in a number of contemporary art exhibitions, holds regular creative photography workshops and showcases her own abstract work in her gallery on Torbay Hill and at the esteemed Butter Factory Studios in Denmark. 2015 also saw the launch of her exciting creative venture with Nornalup artist Leanne Fry  - The Seasonal Creative’ – which runs regular soul nourishing art workshops and food events.


You can now visit Meleah and see her unique photographic work at her studio gallery space.

Located half way between Albany and Denmark in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Meleah’s gallery is nestled amongst 10 acres of beautiful coastal, wildlife-protected bush. Walk the beautiful bush path up to her gallery, to discover this hidden gem amongst the Marri trees. 

Always up for a chat, Meleah will guide you through her unconventional work inspired by this amazing region.

A must on your to-do list.


Sept – May

Thurs – Sat, 10am-4pm

All other times – appointments are welcome

Instagram: meleahfarrellphoto


From Albany, travel 22 kms along Lower Denmark Rd, turn left into Cosy Corner Rd. Travel 2.9kms and turn right into Coombes Rd. Travel 4kms and turn right into Forsyth Glade and the gallery is at the end of the street.


With my photography I enjoy creating abstract images of ‘the everyday’.  I seek to capture the ‘special’ in the simple things that surround us on our daily journeys. I want my images to challenge the viewer’s perceptions and expectations of not only the world around them but of photography as an art form.

And this means that I often find myself looking at things differently with my ‘camera eye’, distracted by one aspect or another of subjects. Whether it’s getting lost in detail or exploring aspects of the colour, shape, form and texture before me, I enjoy seeing where digressing from the most obvious path will lead. I like experimenting using unconventional photographic techniques, shooting on film and playing with old school methods. All my digital images are created ‘in-camera’, with little or no manipulation in Photoshop.

Derived from the Greek words “photos” = “light”, and “graphos” = “writing/drawing”, photography’s literal meaning is to “write with light”. My camera is MY writing tool. My means of visual and artistic expression that’s purpose is not to inform the viewer, but to engage and excite emotionally. 

Having moved to the Great Southern region a little over five years ago, I am enjoying discovering a new world of inspiration in this windswept, coastal environment.



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