Denmark Festival of Voice 2017


The Denmark Festival of Voice is an annual celebration of the power and beauty of the human voice. One of only two dedicated vocal festivals in Australia, it is an exploration of diversity, celebrating voices from near and far and those from the edge. Music is only one part of the program alongside storytelling, spoken word, poetry and experimental performance. With local, national and international artists on show the festival is a global excursion of creativity held right here in beautiful Denmark, Western Australia.

There is a wide array of workshops and events to get involved in, so bring your voice and be a part of it. There is something for everyone at Denmark Festival of Voice, and it might not be the thing you expect.

Exactly what the Denmark Festival of Voice is all about is difficult to put one’s finger on, but one thing is certain, you cannot understand it until you have been and experienced it for yourself. Tickets are on sale now and more information and the full program are available at

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