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Paintings of Denmark by the exceptionally talented Michael Cartwright are available at Gallery 2 (located in Denmark's town centre next to Bankwest). On display at Gallery 2 are oil paintings by the local and talented artist Michael Cartwright - Michael's art branches into the traditional yet quirky and truly captures the essence of Denmark.

At Gallery 2 you will find: - a wide range of prints, matte, gloss or canvas are also available. - Sheoak, Red Gum and Jarrah tables. - Unique jewellery boxes, ceramics, hand knitted beanies...and a whole lot more!. Visit Gallery 2 and treat yourself or that special someone with a piece of authentic local art.

OPEN Mon-Sat 10am - 3pm, Sun 10am - 12pm Ph: 0413 167 451 or visit the online gallery:

DONATED TO THE DENMARK VISITOR CENTRE by Michael Cartwright is the very large VIEW FROM REX'S ROCK print on vinyl. Before visiting the Visitor Centre to admire this 6 metre by 1.5 metre reproduction read the following story behind its existance.

IT WAS A HOT SUMMERS day when I climbed the south side of Mount Hallowell. It was a steep rocky incline, definitely not for the faint hearted but on arriving at the top, I was mesmerised by the panoramic view before my eyes. Conditions were perfect, so using my camera I quickly took a seris of sequence shots before the light changed and the magic of the moment was captured. These photos were used as my reference for the oil painting ''View from Rex's Rock'', so named as the rock in the foreground resembled the Dinosaur ''Tyrannosaurus Rex''. I was commissioned to paint this picture by locals, Bruce and Keir Mulder who directed me to the vantage point high up and to the rear of their property on Bimbimbi Way off Lights Road. I later discovered that accessibility was much easier from the east via the Bibbulmun Track. 

Prints on canvas of Rex's Rock or any of Michael's paintings are available in various sizes at Gallery 2.



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