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Start your amazing journey to Western Australia’s stunning South West parks and reserves with us. Publications are available from the Denmark Visitor Centre or can be purchased online by clicking here. Use this unique coupon code ‘DVC15’ to receive five (5) per cent discount when you purchase online. 

The Best of the South West 

Journey to some of Western Australia’s favourite and most beautiful South West spots with The best of the South West. The beauty and significance of WA's South West is no secret. Each year, hundreds of thousands of local, interstate and overseas visitors make the pilgrimage ‘down south’ to walk among the magnificent forests, camp along the rivers, comb and surf the beaches or just marvel at the spectacular scenery. Whether you drive, ride or walk, this book will help guide you around as you reap the benefits of spending time in this beautiful part of the world.

Discovering the Walpole Wilderness and the Valley of the Giants

Think you’ve seen a forest? How about standing inside a living tree trunk or high among the branches, watching birds fly below you?  You can do this, and more, in the Walpole Wilderness area.  Take this 72-page, pocket-sized guide as you explore and enjoy this picturesque area.

Common Trees of the South-West Forests

Famed for its diversity, people travel from all over the world to see the south-west’s unique flora.  However, the trees are perhaps the region’s most visible and well-known plants, with the beauty and grandeur of the tall karri, tingle, marri and jarrah forest dominating the vegetation. This guide will help you identify the most common trees in the region with colour photographs and descriptive text. 

Common Birds of the South-West Forests 

What bird is that? Covering over 40 of the most common birds you are likely to encounter in the south-west forest from dainty little robins to the second largest bird in the world, the emu.  This guide will help you identify those flashes of vibrant colour or distinctive calls as you travel between Perth, Augusta, Denmark and Albany.

Wildflowers of the South-West Forests

The isolated south-western corner of WA, with its Mediterranean climate, is considered among the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots.  An incredible 75 per cent of the 11,000 species recorded in WA grow in the south-west corner of the state, and most of these are found nowhere else in the world. Find out more in Wildflowers of the South-West Forests.

Mammals of the South-West

Covering over 30 native mammal species found in the state’s south, from the echidna to the rufous hare-wallaby, this 72–page, pocket-sized guide is perfect to take as you explore WA’s south-west bush.  Containing colour photographs, descriptive text and even information on how and where to see them.  

Bush Tucker Plants of the South-West

Enjoy reading and learning about bush tucker plants found in the state’s south.  Containing colour photographs, written descriptions and information on uses, where they grow and when they flower.  A great little guide if you’re interested in Aboriginal culture.

Common Butterflies of the South-West

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, capturing the attention of most, as they take flight and show off their distinctive wing patterns.  Covering over 30 of the more common butterfly species that occur in the south-western part of WA, this pocket-sized guide is perfect for identifying and learning more about these gentle creatures.

Geology & Landforms of the South-West

What landform is that? More than 3,700 million years of geological history is recorded in rocks of the south-west.  Learn about and discover amazing geological and landform facts in this pocket-sized guide. 

Beachcombing Perth and South-West Beaches

Dabbling at the water’s edge, turning over a rock or looking into a tidal pool to find something new is a favourite past-time for beach-goers. This guide covers some of the most common and interesting species of marine animals and plants found on the WA coastline.

Snakes of Western Australia

It seems people either love or hate them! Regardless of how you feel about snakes, hopefully this book will help you appreciate them.  Their physical appearance and biology are the remarkable result of millions of years of evolution.  Find out ‘What snake is that?’ and much more with this 72-page, pocket-sized guide.