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Explore the Region - Albany

Welcome to Albany!

The bustling city of Albany is the local hub for the Great Southern region, boasting a range of  shops and services. There� s plenty to see and do in and around Albany. The stunning harbour and the coastline in  nearby Torndirrup National Park are breathtaking. Albany is one of  Australia�s  premier whale-watching destinations.

Founded in 1826, Albany is the oldest European settlement in Western Australia. Regal heritage architecture, quirky museums and incredible links to the birth of Albany and Western Australia abound. Many of these are a strolling distance apart and close to the CBD meaning you can immerse yourself in the rich history of the City and absorb it all over a coffee, before a  breathtaking drive out to the further reaching historic haunts.

What to do

Visit the Light Horse War Memorial on Mt Clarence

With an incredible view over the waters of King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour, this memorial commemorates the ANZACs lost in the First World War. Albany was the last port of departure for the fleets of ANZAC troops who gathered here on their journey to Gallipoli in 1914.

Watch whales

Jump on a charter boat tour, or watch whales from Marine Drive scenic lookouts.

Take a trip back in time

Visit the WA Museum (Albany), the Princess Royal Forts, the Brig Amity, and Whale World.

Wonder at the geology

Visit Torndirrup National Park's Natural Bridge and The Gap.

Useful to know

  • Whale season in Albany is from mid-May to mid-October, and boat tours operate daily.
  • The Albany Windfarm boardwalk is open all year around and affords stunning views of the coastline. 

How to get there

Albany is 53km east of Denmark, and there are two main roads which lead there. The South Coast Highway is the fastest route � about 40 minutes � it will take you directly into the city centre. Although it will take a little longer, the Lower Denmark Road is more scenic and gives you the opportunity to visit national parks, attractions and farm gates. Allow 60 minutes via the Lower Denmark Road to Frenchman�s Bay Road.