Whale Watching

Each year the southern coastline is home to hundreds of Humpback and Southern Right Whales that head into our sheltered bays for calving and mating. While they can often be seen from lookouts along the coast, the best way to see them is onboard a dedicated Whale Watching Tour. Tours depart from Albany (just over half an hour from Denmark). Whale watching season begins in late May and continues until early October.

Wonderful Whales

Denmark and the Great Southern is the prime place to see these amazing mammals. Hundreds of whales play, feed, breed and travel close to the coast during the months of June to October. Humpbacks and southern right whales are the most commonly sighted species, although enormous blue whales are also regularly spotted.

Southern right and humpback whales are more prevalent in this region and migrate in large numbers. Humpback sightings start from June to October. The southern right whales are most commonly sighted later in the season from August to October. Blue whales are occasionally sighted from May to June.

Whale Watching Tours
Get up close and personal to these gigantic mammals on a whale watching tour. Bookings can be made through the tour desk in the Denmark Visitor Centre - call (08) 9848 2055 or email to secure your booking. Also visit Whale World in Albany to learn all about the history of the whales - great for the whole family.

Where to Look?
You don't have to go far out to sea to spot these gigantic mammals and you can often see them frolicking close to the shore. Below are some of the regions best areas and walks where you will often spot them (in season).

  • Point D'Entrecasteaux, near northcliffe
  • Conspicuous Cliffs, near Walpole
  • Ocean Beach, Denmark
  • Whale World, Albany
  • Sandpatch, near Albany
  • Rotary Lookout, Albany
  • Tooleburrup Hill, Bremer Bay

If you spot a whale let us know on Facebook - Denmark Visitor Centre.

Whale Watching Tours

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