Experience Denmark's Natural Attractions

Beaches & Coastline

Denmark boasts 100kms of spectacular coastline, beautiful beaches, rugged rocks, rock pools and headlands waiting to be explored. Discover Denmark's magnificent coastline by car or stroll along one of the many tracks and trails.

If you are into fishing, Denmark is a great place to start. There are rivers, inlets, beaches and thousands of nooks and crannies on the shores of the mighty Southern Ocean. You can catch Australian salmon, mulloway, whiting and herring. Normal fisheries regulations apply. There are also popular spots for experienced rock-climbers and a number of four to five hour walks.

Please visit the Denmark Surf Club website for more information.

Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay

Naturally this picturesque wide sheltered bay is ideal for swimming and fishing. You must take a walk on the Bibbulmun Track to Point Irwin. 

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Naturally  Denmark's premier surf spot. In summer, the patrolled beach is a favourite destination for visitors and locals. You must book a surf lesson at the tour desk in the Denmark Visitor Centre. 

Wilson Head

Naturally the best location to observe the passing parade of whales. Wilson Head is dotted with lookouts and viewing platforms. You must take a   photograph of the stunning Nullaki Cliffs from Lions Lookout. 

Lights Beach

Lights Beach

Naturally the best location to throw in a line for herring, salmon and bream. Some sections of this beach are also favoured by naturalists! You must walk east along the Bibbulmun Track to a seat high above the cliff face. 

(Denmark) Rivers and Inlets

Denmark River 

Naturally  the river that gives Denmark township its name. Beautiful karri trees line the banks of the river. You must hire a canoe or kayak and explore the river. 

Wilson Inlet

Naturally the largest inlet on the southern coastline, the inlet is over 20kms long and is fed by the Denmark and Hay Rivers. You must hire a boat and do a spot of fishing.      
Contact the tour desk in the Denmark Visitor Centre to hire a canoe or kayak on your next trip.

(Nornalup) Rivers

Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park 

Naturally a series of interlinked inlets surrounded by national parks. There are a wealth of opportunities for canoeing, boating, recreational fishing and other water-based activities. You must take a cruise on the inlet. 

Greens Pool

Greens Pool 

Naturally Denmark's best beach, it is a large sheltered rock pool offering excellent swimming and snorkelling and great views towards Parry Beach and Point Hillier. You must swim in the crystal clear waters. 

Elephant Rocks

Naturally Denmark's most iconic attraction. Large elephant shaped boulders rest in the shallow waters of this small cove. You must skip between the colossal boulders on low tide.   

Madfish Bay

Naturally  named for the crazy fish that jump out of the water as the waves converge around the offshore island. You must witness the stunning confluence of water at high tide. 

Waterfall Beach 

Naturally  named for the waterfall located at the far end of the beach. You must take a refreshing shower as the water pours over the weathered rocks. 

Nullaki Peninsula

Naturally a rugged landscape of giant sand and limestone cliffs. The Nullaki Peninsula wraps around Wilson Inlet, protecting Denmark's largest waterway. The inlet side of the peninsula is a haven for waders and other birds. The beaches on the ocean side are unsafe for swimming due to large rips. You must take a walk on the isolated windswept beaches. 

Anvil Beach

Naturally Denmark's own human-sized aquarium is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkelling. You must snorkel through the protected reef pools.   

Parry Beach

Naturally a favourite camping spot for locals and visitors alike. You must take your fishing rod and do some beach fishing. 

Boat Harbour 

Naturally a sheltered bay formed by giant sheets of granite. A beautiful dramatic coastline accessed by 4WD only. You must take a 4WD eco-tour and visit the amazing limestone sculptures. 

Conspicuous Cliffs

Conspicuous Cliff

Naturally a magical location that inspires visitors with its towering cliffs. Good for whale watching, fishing and surfing but not suitable for swimming. You must meander along the boardwalk and stroll along the stunning beach. 

Frankland River

Naturally  a peaceful river linked with towering karri and tingle trees. You must launch your kayak and paddle upstream to Monastery Landing. 

Shelley Beach

Shelley Beach

Naturally a crescent shaped beach covered in tiny shells. Bushwalking, four-wheel driving, fishing and rock climbing are popular activities. You must take a tandem paraglide from the top of the cliffs. 
A great way to experience Shelley Beach is on a full-day 4WD eco-tour to West Cape Howe National Park.

Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner Beach

Naturally a cosy spot for a picnic. Pristine white beaches, sheltered swimming, excellent fishing, and a camping area with plenty of picnic spots. You must take a book and laze on the beach. 

Lowlands Beach

Lowlands Beach

Naturally a great location for dolphin spotting. This secluded surf beach is also ideal for fishing. You must pack a thermos and binoculars and do a spot of whale-watching from the viewing platform. 

Even on calm days, unpredictable surges rising from the southern ocean hundreds of kilometres away may sweep over the shore and over coastal rocks.