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Experience Winter in Denmark

Misty mornings and evenings by the open fire´┐Ż

June to August (Winter) is a magical time to visit Denmark with average daily temperatures of 16°C. There are fewer crowds and the pace is more relaxed. Spend your days driving through the emerald green countryside and your evenings rugged up in front of a warm open fire. Overnight frosts create magical morning vistas. During this season we are graced with a passing procession of whales.

We recommend:

  • Visiting the Cellar Doors: Time to stock up the wine cellar. Sample Denmark's cool climate whites and robust reds. Purchase a bottle or two, stock up on some tasty snacks, and you've got the ingredients for an evening by the fireside.
  • Rugging up: Embrace the cool days by donning all those winter woollens that you don't normally get to wear. Don't worry if you've forgetten to pack for winter, Denmark's boutiques and speciality shops are just the place to purchase a hand-made beanie, a knitted scarf, or an Alpaca sweater.
  • Soaking up the sunshine: It might be winter but the sun's still shining. We can think of a million ways to enjoy the warmth of the winter sun on your back - while sipping coffee at one of Denmark's many coffee shops; while enjoying a tasty local platter on the verandah of a vineyard restaurant; while walking along an endless, empty beach; while watching the whales from the deck of your charter boat; while taking a guided walk along the Bibbulmun Track ...
  • Cuddling up before a warm fire: Winter means snuggling up on the sofa, reading a book, listening to music, eating hand-made chocolates, drinking a glass of red, and watching the flames flicker in the fireplace. What are you waiting for?
  • Whale watching: Whether on board a charter boat, or from your vantage point along Denmark's cliff tops, there's nothing more enjoyable that spotting these giant creatures leap from the ocean with pure joy.