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Experience Winter in Denmark

Misty mornings and evenings by the open fire

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Experience the enchantment of winter in Denmark – think pinot, gourmet pies and crackling log fires after a long, bracing walk on an empty beach.

Denmark is rich in colours and contrasts at this time. Golden sands fringe turquoise water set against dramatic charcoal skies. 

Find surf beaches with only a few locals enjoying the opportunity to play with the wild Southern Ocean.

Migrating whales add to the scenery and remind you how amazing this natural environment still is.

Well marked walking trails meander through granite outcrops and rugged headlands that have been here for millions of years.

They give way to silver-barked karri forests and green vineyards, crisp from the chill and moisture in the air.

Body, mind and soul are catered for here, with opportunities to reconnect with loved ones and balance physical wellness with emotional health.

Attend a lifestyle course or workshops, try a session of yoga at the beach, qigong in the bush or adventure activities with a local character.

Denmark combines the charm of a country town with a thriving arts, recreation, boutique food, wine and retail scene.

This epicentre of lifestyle seekers will amaze and inspire you, enticing you to broaden your horizon and consider the beginning of your next great adventure.

Competition closes 2 June 2015 and winners will be announced in the 6 June 2015 edition of your Herald.

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